Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~ Proud Mama ~

I am so stinking proud of my daughter I want EVERYONE to know! Remember about the Cooking Contest that was part of my daughters Final in Culinary Arts. She made an AWESOME (no really, I am not being bias!) Overnight Coffee Cake and her theme was duh...Coffee. She did all the cooking herself, I only assisted with giving her ideas for her presentation. I just may have a future Top Chef on my hands!

I have been waiting to hear how she did. Today, on our way home from school I asked her if she found out yet. She nonchalantly says, "Yeah, I got these" and pulls out TWO awards!!! TWO!!!! The first one was for "1st Place in the Dessert" category and the second one was for "Best in Show"! I told her I was so proud of her and gave her a High 5. She is 15 ya know, so no hugs and kisses in public! So we arrive home, did homework, ate some dinner and then she says, "Oh yeah, I forgot!" and leaves the room. I am thinking she forgot something for the Final in English or Biology she is taking tomorrow. Nope! She comes waltzing out with a Grocery Store Gift Card for $25, a iTunes Gift Card for $25 and a new book "Holiday Baking" by Sara Perry! WHOA!!!

How can you forget all that!! I guess easy to do when your too busy texting your friends about non-important crap! I think tomorrow I am going to go buy a Proud Mama shirt!


  1. That's awesome! I would be incredibly proud too. I love that your daughter can take a class called "Culinary Arts", back in my day it was called "Home Economics" or "Foods", sounds so much more sophistocated now!

  2. well done...would love to have tried some ahhhh well.... will have to leave it to my imagination...congrats on your awards wish we had them in our day...

  3. That is so exciting! Congrat's to your daughter!

    "Nana's Box"

  4. sigh, teenagers and their technology. I mean messaging, as we sit with our noses glued to facebook lol
    so good to be so proud. Congrats to you AND her.

  5. That's just wonderful, how exciting!! The prizes are 'icing on the cake' :) Congrats to your DD for a job well done!

  6. Congrats to your DD!! that's wonderful!!

  7. Hi Kathryn! That is fabulous.Good for her. What a great mom to share the good news with all of us! Give her a BIG hug!

  8. Wow, who wouldn't be proud... Tell her........ way to go girl :)

  9. Wow, you should be proud! Congrats to your daughter.
    I'm so glad I found your wonderful blog through OWOH!

  10. Fantastic what a great day your girl had, now whats the recipe for the cake. The picture is killing me and Ive never heard of the overnight coffee cake???? I just got to have some lol no seriously Im really drooling here....smiles Michelle


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