Sunday, January 18, 2009

~ Creative Everyday Sunday Update ~

1/11/09 ~ Helped my daughter with her cookbook assignment and suggested ways for it to be interesting.

1/12/09 ~ Creative in the Kitchen, by adding a new spice to an old recipe!

1/13/09 ~ Creative Thinking...deciding what to make for the One World One Heart Giveaway (OWOH).

1/14/09 ~ Creative with ASL by tutoring someone new.

1/15/09 ~ Creative with my daughter by helping her with her Cooking Contest Presentation. She cooked the recipe and chose the theme. I just helped her put it together. It helps having a Mom who is an Interior Designer and Creative!

1/16/09 ~ Creative with being involved in the Deaf Community by attending a Deaf Coffee chat and socializing with new Deafies.

1/17/09 ~ Creative with my camera taking pics in Placerville.

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