Sunday, January 11, 2009

~ Creative Everyday Sunday Update ~

I have decided that every Sunday I will update you all on my Creative Everyday Challenge progress.

1/1/09: I got creative with my blog, formatting pictures to make my blog look better. (Is it working?)

1/2/09: I was creative today by styling my hair a different way for my night out with the girls!

1/3/09: I got creative with working on a new challenge that I signed up for: 52 Pick Me Up and worked on my planner.

1/4/09: Worked on 52 Pick Me up Title Card and blogged about it.

1/5/09: Went shopping for items to offer a giveaway for my Blogiverary! and created my own button for others to post on their blog. And is on my sidebar!

1/6/09: Got creative with reading by checking out books at the Library (something I rarely do). I picked up some mags too! The book I started to read is ~ "I'd Rather be in the Studio"

1/7/09: Got creative in the Kitchen making Wraps with a recipe from 5 Minutes for Mom and I made an Art Journal page about it
My wrap included ~ Flour Tortilla, Lettuce, Feta Cheese, Turkey Breast meat, and Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing! So Yummy! I have since bought the Sundried Tomato Wraps and some chicken! I think I have had one almost everyday since!

1/8/09: Was creative working on my own blog template (the one you see now) and teaching myself the application to make it.

1/9/09: Got creative with my communication and headed out to an ASL Practice Meetup. 8 people were there and we had a great time signing! Also, put the template up that I had been working on!

1/10/09: Finished my 2009 Planner. Had an Art day with my nieces!

Look forward to my update next week!! Have a wonderful Week everyone!!

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