Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~* Kreativ Award *~

I was recently blessed with the "Kreativ Blogger Award" from Julie over at Shabbywears! She sent this to me in the beginning of March, but I was so wrapped up with moving and unpacking that I didn't even notice until I was reading her blog recently! THANK YOU JULIE!!! I feel so blessed that I have people who read and enjoy my blog.

So, for the rules is that I am supposed to pass this award on to seven Kreativ Bloggers who I believe have Creative and Lovely blogs.

So, I am passing the Award on to (I am sure most of these Bloggers have already received this award):

Dawn at The Feathered Nest

Danielle at The Vintage Dragonfly

Michele at Michele's Treasures, Teacups & Tumbling Rose Cottage

Kym at The Cuteness of Curiosity

Kristin at Retro Cafe

Laura at White Spray Paint

Pretty Organized Palace

I hope you all enjoy your Award and remember to pass it on!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I recently participated in the "Winning Hand Swap" hosted by Sweet Goodness Swaps. Here is the goodies my partner Julie of Shabbywears sent me (we sure are coming into contact alot recently)!

Julie certainly used her imagination when it came to the gifts. Here were the RULES! "Please send your partner a winning package with at least one handmade item, one thrifted/second hand/vintage item and one sweet treat. All four suits must be represented in some manner." Do you see the "Club" crackers??? How Brillant is that!!?? She also made a cute little felt "Club" for me too!

Here we have a "Diamond" Bracelet and a "Spades" Scrable Title pendant! Both are really beautiful and I look foward to wearing them.

Next we have a lovely Vintage Girl Wall pocket hanging stuffed full with Almonds. These are also suppose to represent the "Diamonds". The Wall hanging will adorn the walls of my new Studio when it is finished! The almonds were enjoyed by my daughter and some friends when I had a small get together here at my house.

Then comes the lovely felt "Heart" wall hanging, this will be perfect for the front door next Valentine's day! Julie really did a fabulous job making this!

No winning hand is complete without a deck of cards which represents all the suites and it has been Beautiful Adorned with a glitter heart tag for "Hearts"!

This swap was alot of fun! I sure hope Julie enjoys the goodies that I sent her! I was not as Brilliant as she was, but I still hope she enjoys them! I look forward to the next Swap that Sweet Goodness Swaps has!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Since I moved, I have fallen behind on so many things! My Blog, my Art, and other things. There just isn't enough of ME to go around. So here I am playin catch up on a number of things that have happened in the last month or so.

MY OWOH Winnings!

I won second in the drawing from Odd-Dolls. I forgot to take a pic of the goodies which were stamps, embossing powders and stickers.

Valentine's Giveaway from Shabbywears!

I won THREE tins full of delightful Pecans, soo Yummy!! They were from the Millican Pecan Company!

"The Tower of Treats is a beautiful and unique gift for that special friend, family member, client or associate. The tower includes 3 decorative gift tins stacked on top of each other. The bottom tin includes our 2 lb. Chocolate Pecan Sampler, the middle tin is our Flavored Pecan Sampler and the top tin is a 8 oz. tin of Chocolate Caramel Pecan Turtles."

They are gone now, but I will be using the tins in my Studio for something! Thanks Julie!

Friday, March 20, 2009


It's HERE!!! Yes, the Blog Party of the YEAR is here!! Did you know there are over 1100 blogs participating?? Holy Moly!!! This is my second year being involved in the Ultimate Blog Party and this year I am super excited to be offering one lucky winner a Surprise box of Art Goodies!

Since I recently moved, I am cleaning and purging while I am setting up my new Studio. This box of Goodies will be valued at $50! Sign up now by leaving me a comment on THIS post! I will draw one lucky Winner on March 27th!

I am currently going through the Prize list and here are my choices:

1) #2 Sydney Andrews Bracelet

2) #12 The Gift Closet $20 Gift Card

3) #10 Shoot-Me-Now is offering a $50 Target GC!

4) #21 Agoosa is also offering a $50 GC for Target!

5) #103 Monkey's Momma is giving a Surprise Box of Goodies! Just like me!

I originally had a list of my 12 favorites (there are SOO MANY good things offered) and I narrowed it down to 5! Here are the others: #5, #14, #17, #21, #26, #49, #58, #91 and #123.

Thank you for stopping by my Party! Be sure to visit the Prize page to see the other Ultimate Blog Parties going on this week!

Good Luck!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Did you know that the ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY is coming soon? Check out the site! This was a blast last year and I look forward to participating again this year! I will be hosting a prize too! Keep your eyes open for it!!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Have you been watching AMAZING RACE on Sunday nights on CBS? I am so addicted to this season, mostly because of the Deaf Contestant and his mom. The are during really well! The first episode they came in 1st and the others 4th place each time. I love how the host of the show uses ASL to tell them which place they have come in. If you have not check it out yet, I suggest you do!

Here is a little Bio on Luke and his mom Margie...


Margie Adams (50); Luke Adams (22)
Hometown: Denver, Colo.
Occupation: Margaret (Clinical Research Associate); Luke (College Graduate)
Relationship: Mother/Son

This mother/son team is determined to show the world that nothing can stop them from living out their dreams. They enjoy hiking and traveling together and share a strong bond. Luke has been deaf since birth and Margie became his link to the hearing world. He uses American Sign Language to communicate.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

~* ASL Self Course and Tutoring *~

For those of you who are interested in ASL and learning a bit, but can not get to a class or have a Tutor; there is an online Self-Course available. I am always encouraging hearing people to learn ASL, it is a beautiful language and you never know when you will run into a Deaf person. Have you notice how many TV shows have had a Deaf person on them? Cold Case had a Deaf story line, Dancing with the Stars had Marlee Matlin, Survivor I believe had a Deaf person (I missed that season for some reason), Super Nanny had a Deaf Family and now Amazing Race has a Deaf guy! GO LUKE AND MARGIE!!! I think it is wonderful! I especially love to see that the shows are showing the "Hearing World" that Deaf people can do anything they can do, but hear!!!

Here is a little about the Self-Course:

ASL University is an online curriculum resource for American Sign Language students, instructors, interpreters, and parents of deaf children.

Feel free to use the various lessons and resources for self-study at no cost. There is no need to register or pay. These resources are free for your personal study. If you are a teacher, you have permission to use the lessons to teach your in-person classes.

I encourage you to check out the site, book mark it and visit at your leisure. I hope some of you will take the time to learn at least the alphabet, because you just never know when it will come in handy!

I have been tutoring a couple of people in ASL the past few months. I charge a reasonable rate as many of them are students in High School or College. I am trying to decide if I want to draw up a Tutoring Contract for when they do not show up, yet I am still left there waiting. This happened to me recently, where I went to the Starbucks that we had agreed upon, I texted them to be sure they were going to show (no response), and I called when they didn't show up on time. I was hung up on, now I do not know if this was because my lack of hearing what they were saying or if they were just being rude. Needless to say, I was pretty upset. I had driven out of my way to accommodate their schedule and I had to sit in Rush Hour traffic on the way home. Now being that I just moved, I have plenty to do around here and feel my time was wasted. I feel like they still owe me for that time that I spent waiting for them the other day. I got an email today wanting to confirm our time today. I voiced my concerns and let them know that I was upset. I also changed the location closer to my house, that way if they do not show again, I am not sitting in traffic. I wanted to ask some of your opinions, do you think I should create a contract? If so, do I charge full or half price when they do not show? What about canceling? If they do not give me at least 6 hours notice, do I charge them the same as if they didn't show? Your opinions are greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yep, we have moved! Not this blog, but my daughter and I. We had been staying with my brother since October. It was really hard not having our own bed and things. As of March first, we have been back in the area where my daughter's school is (which is saving me $300 a month in gas!!). We are very happy to have our own place again with our own belongings. I am renting out one of the rooms to another single mother. These are hard times and we are doing the most we can to help ourselves as well as others. Look for my post as I set up my new home, including an Office/Studio space to do my ART again!!! yeah!!!!

Other great news, at least for my checkbook! I bought $110 worth of groceries for $48 last night. I have become addicted to coupons! Last month I got $250 worth of groceries for a little over $100. I am still learning all the tricks as I go, but I am very happy with the savings that I have incurred so far!


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