Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I recently participated in the "Winning Hand Swap" hosted by Sweet Goodness Swaps. Here is the goodies my partner Julie of Shabbywears sent me (we sure are coming into contact alot recently)!

Julie certainly used her imagination when it came to the gifts. Here were the RULES! "Please send your partner a winning package with at least one handmade item, one thrifted/second hand/vintage item and one sweet treat. All four suits must be represented in some manner." Do you see the "Club" crackers??? How Brillant is that!!?? She also made a cute little felt "Club" for me too!

Here we have a "Diamond" Bracelet and a "Spades" Scrable Title pendant! Both are really beautiful and I look foward to wearing them.

Next we have a lovely Vintage Girl Wall pocket hanging stuffed full with Almonds. These are also suppose to represent the "Diamonds". The Wall hanging will adorn the walls of my new Studio when it is finished! The almonds were enjoyed by my daughter and some friends when I had a small get together here at my house.

Then comes the lovely felt "Heart" wall hanging, this will be perfect for the front door next Valentine's day! Julie really did a fabulous job making this!

No winning hand is complete without a deck of cards which represents all the suites and it has been Beautiful Adorned with a glitter heart tag for "Hearts"!

This swap was alot of fun! I sure hope Julie enjoys the goodies that I sent her! I was not as Brilliant as she was, but I still hope she enjoys them! I look forward to the next Swap that Sweet Goodness Swaps has!

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