Thursday, January 1, 2009

~Dreams, Wishes, Hopes and Aspirations~

Happy 2009!!!

I know I already blogged today, but I wanted to add this entry as I think it is important to talk about. Resolutions! Well, isn't everyone talking about them?! As we all know we make and break them, so why not give them a different "label"? Perhaps, Dreams, Wishes, Hopes or Aspirations would be more suitable. I have a few from my list that I am willing to share with you.

I wish to make more friends ~ this being online, in the Art community, in the Deaf community and in my Local community. I have already been working on this by visiting many other new blogs and becoming a follower and also I am on Facebook, which has helped me reconnect, stay connected and make new connections.

I aspire to help the needy once a month. I want to donate more of our out grown and unused clothing, help in a soup kitchen or teach someone something new. I am also hoping to get my daughter in on this with me. We are not the wealthiest people, but we have each other, clothes on our backs, food to eat every day and a roof over our head. I am grateful for all of this and feel I need to give back too!

I Hope to do more Art! Yea, we all want this right? I have also started on this one, by joining challenges and a Post Card Swap. I also plan to journal again, especially since I just won a new Art Journal....more on that down below! This will include trying new types of Art and new techniques. Bring on the Artful Blessings!!

I wish to do one special event a month with my daughter. My daughter is 15, like most teenagers, she prefers to hang out with her friends; not with mom! I am committed to doing something special once a month with her. I hope she is up for it!

I aspire to drink more water and exercise for 1 hour everyday! I have had a Wii Fit for 6 months now and I have used it sporadically. Since I want to lose weight and get toned, I need to use it more. I am on the right track, as I did my hour today, first thing after getting out of bed.

I Dream of having my Art published! I know this is going to take a lot of work, but this is a BIG dream of mine. I have already printed out the list from Stampington in hopes to meet one of their deadlines.

Last but not least, I aspire to Journal & Blog more efficiently. I want to be more proficient in both of these areas. I have been working on a 2009 Planner and also a Paper bag Art Journal. I plan to share both with you in the coming months.

As you see re-labeling Resolutions can make a list alot more rewarding! Care to share some of your Dreams, Wishes, Hopes or Aspirations?

I have already started mine and was pleasantly surprised by an email from Karla at Karla's Cottage, she informed me that I won her December giveaway! Wow!! What a great way to start the New Year! I can't wait to receive this Beautiful Art Journal! It will certainly help me with me last aspiration! Thank you Karla!!

So with winning a giveaway, I would like to make you aware of another giveaway from
I drooled when I came across their site. It is so beautiful...from the layout to the things they offer. I may even treat myself to one of their French Apothecary Bottles! This giveaway ends January 17th, so head on over for your chance to win!!

Also, Craft International is having a Birthday Blog Candy Giveaway! Who can resist candy that won't add to your waist! Happy Birthday! She will pick a winner on the 12th, her actual birthday! Good Luck!

I am heading to the table to do some Art! I hope you have had a fabulous day!


  1. Happy New Year Kathryn
    all good ideas here you have in mind - great way to start 2009 off with.
    Congrats on winning the give-away .
    jann clark

  2. Happy New Year Kathryn,

    Thank you for blogging about my new website Elegance and Whimsy.

    xo Cathy

  3. Hi Kathryn! Thanks for sharing my giveaway on your lovely blog! I'll make sure to add you again. Happy New Year! Lisa :)

  4. Happy New Year to you too- I hope you are able to accomplish all of your Dreams, Wishes, Hopes or Aspirations. Each in its own is very admirable.

  5. Kathryn...thank you for following my blog! I have added yours to my list! And thank you for you New Years thoughts! They are good ones, and I love the way you look at them! Much more productive, and less stressful! I am going to try that!

  6. What a truly wonderful list of dreams, hopes, wishes and aspirations. I think you've just inspired me to think about my resolutions in that way. Thank you!

  7. What a beautiful way to think of starting the New Year. May the New Year bring you many blessings.

  8. Happy New Year & Best Wishes for a very prosperous 2009! I hope all your dreams and wishes come true!

  9. Kathryn,
    So glad you found me on Facebook! Your blog looks great - I added it to my reader. Love your dreams, goals, and aspirations for 2009 - you're right, a much better way to look at things! Good luck with your publication goals. I have TWO friends (local friends) who have gotten published by Stampington this year. I think the idea is just to keep submitting.

    Oh, and I love the ASL alphas you used in your bracelet. We are including those in *some* of our January kits. We were only able to get ahold of 6 of them, so we had to mix and match with other alphas... but some lucky souls will get them!

  10. What awesome artwork you have here! I really like it.
    I stumbled on your blog, through 2 other ones, hope you don't mind.

    Can't wait to read and see more on here!

    Happy 2009,

  11. Wow, what a find, I love your profile and especially that you incorporate disabilities in your art- wonderful!

  12. Thank you all for your wonderful positive comments! I just want to clarify to my readers that Deaf people do not usually consider their hearing loss a disability, we can do everything a hearing person can do, but hear. :)
    Artful Blessings,

  13. Great list of Dreams, Hopes and Wishes! You are all that much closer to achieving them just by putting it out in the universe that this is what you want for your world. :)

    Many blessings for a wonderful 2009!

  14. Happy New Year to that you are becoming a list girl...the only way to never seems so tedious when you are ticking things off the list....good luck with all your dreams and aspirations..lovely lady..I'm sure you will make lots of new friends in bloggy land.

  15. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I added you as a friend on facebook in case you wondered who I was. :) Looking forward to doing the creative women group with you too.

  16. ah, my 13yo boy appreciates saturday late am cafe visits for 1-on-1. not that i do them every week...we also donate outgrowns, etc regularly.

    thanks for popping in at!you fit right in with us! happy new year!

  17. thanks for your kind words about my recent loss, kathryn. i wish you the very best in 2009!

  18. What a wonderful bunch of dreams, wishes, hopes and aspirations! Love your blog and your work, and always smile when I see "Artful Blessings", as this is how I often sign posts and correspondence too! It's what it's all about, yes?!

    Sending artful blessings back atcha, and wishes that all your New Year's dreams come true!

    ~ Carolee

  19. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your New Year resolutions are wonderful and you blog is creative and wonderful as well.


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