Sunday, January 25, 2009

~ Creative Everyday Sunday Update ~

1/18/09 ~ Creative with Exercise: went to the batting cages with my cousins! This was a fun workout, but expensive!

1/19/09 ~ Creative brainstorming for the OWOH giveaway.

1/20/09 ~ Creative with Art: worked on my 52 Card Pick Me up project...still in progress. I am behind on this...sigh

1/21/09 ~ Creative with Art: worked on the OWOH project, but it was not coming out how I visioned. Decided on something else to giveaway.

1/22/09 ~ Creative with my blog: Redesigned my own template, again! Still working on a header.

1/23/09 ~ Creative giveaways: Listed my OWOH giveaway.

1/24/09 ~ Creative with my Budget: Figuring out ways to save money by cutting/using coupons and getting free items from stores.

See ya next week!

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