Wednesday, January 28, 2009

~ 2009 Planner ~

I just noticed that I had finished the 2009 Planner but had not shared it on my blog. I came across A Journey So Far in the end of 2008. I worked on the Planner and finally finished it in the first week of 2009.
I changed a few of the things you were "suppose" to do, but I always do. I never follow someone else's instructions to the T (unless I am cooking). My tag to let me know which month I am on, reminds of my plans for 2009. Dreams, Hopes, Wishes and Aspirations (remember instead of Resolutions)! I like to change it up to make it MINE! It doesn't fit in my purse, but it sits on my desk in all it's Glory! Enjoy


  1. Neato! I love the way you made a 2009 planner book. It's so pretty! I could make one for myself, too! I wish I could create my own blog, but I'm not really expert. I adore you, your blog, and creative crafts.
    Thumbs up,
    Deb Ann

  2. Adorable planner. I had to ask for one for Xmas, but sometimes I add my own little touches to it.

    Really cute.



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