Friday, October 22, 2010

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Anytime I tell people that I sell on eBay, the first question they ask is "What do you Sell? Which I reply "EVERYTHING!!" Immediately following my reply is, "Where do you find your Inventory?" and of course I say, "EVERYWHERE!!" Not because I am trying to be elusive, but simple put; it really is the truth.

I get Free items from Friends, Family, Craiglist and Freecycle. I find Discounted items at Big Lots, Dollar stores, Walmart, Target, Drug stores, Grocery stores, and Flea markets. I also shop Garage Sales, Consignment stores and Thrift Stores.

Recently a topic came up about a Discounted Hot List that is being Sold on the web and eBay. I have heard many complaints from people that have spent their hard earned money on this list. Why? The number one complainant is it is OUTDATED!! I am apart of eBay Underground (EBUG)on Facebook, we too have a Discounted Hot List that we offer our members for FREE!! This is a CURRENT list of things you can find right now! Many of the eBay groups have "LISTS" that they are willing to share with their Members, there is no need to spend your hard earn money. Another good way to find items is with Terapeak. They have a HOT RESEARCH option, that enables you to look up the Current Hot Auctions on eBay. The key really is Research!


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