Monday, October 4, 2010

~* Learning from Mistakes *~

As most of you know, I shop stores to find treasures to sell on eBay. Lately I have been really off my game. I bought a Tommy Bahama Silk Shirt. I knew it would sell making me a good profit. I had put it away for a bit.

Recently, I pulled out the box that had this and several other upscale items in it. My daughter had done a Fantastic job of taking the pics.  I realize I probably should have ironed it but, oh well.  As, I was in the process of listing it, I uploaded the pictures, got the description all written and was ready to launch. I always Preview my auctions before actually uploading to eBay. That is when I saw this....

My daughter caught it, but didn't say a thing. Ugh.

Today, I was looking for a SOLD item in one of my bins when I noticed that this NWT Beautiful Cashmere/Silk Sweater has a Blue stay on the inside of the hem. It almost looks like Koolaid. How did I miss that?

Over the weekend when I was out Thrifting at an Upscale Shop, I came across a Hermes Bag. I was in love and wanted it. The store was having a 35% sale, so I indulged on something for myself. I was in a hurry and really didn't look over the bag too well. The store is usually really good about either catching things or at least putting "AS IS" on the tag, but lately I have found alot of there items either are stained, have a hole or something is missing.  So what is wrong with the bag you ask?

This is not my bag, but one like it. Mine is a Beautiful Burgundy color See where the lock is?  See the medal part that goes over the lock to lock the purse?  One of them is missing. It was unlocked when I bought it and hiding under those flaps. Sigh  I am debating on taking it back, but I am almost positive they will not refund me my money.  I am sooo sad  :(

However, this is a lesson learned.  I will be far more careful about my purchases now. I can't afford to be out the money. And sometimes these lessons are expensive.


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