Monday, October 18, 2010

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eCommerce is an up and coming way to do business. I have really been keeping up with listing in my eBay Store. This has generated some good income for me. I was thinking of other ways to get my store and products out there. Here are a few that I am using....

Addoway allows sellers to import their eBay listings quickly and easily, which could be a huge draw to eBay sellers looking to expand their reach and integrate other sales channels into their business plans. Addoway doesn't charge any fees to list and sell items on their website.  And with the integration of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, sellers are able to provide a much greater amount of information about themselves, as well as establish possible connections with buyers and other sellers based on their relationships on Facebook and other social networking sites, designed ideally to increase the level of trust between buyers and sellers.
Get cash back when shopping online. Refer your friends and earn even more. It's easy, fast and FREE! Link up your eBay Store, your Etsy Shop or your Amazon Marketplace!

This is how I get my $$. By now, everyone has heard of Paypal, which is owned by eBay. This is the best and safest way to pay for Online Transactions.
I use for my International Shipping needs and you should try it out.  Use this code to sign up, C-94HZ-QMB, and you will get a $100 offer which includes a digital scale and $45 in postage. Saves me time and gas money, because I can request them to come pick up the packages! They even have a free account for eBay sellers.

I use my SwagBucks for Gift Cards. Simply using their search engine before another can get me SwagBucks several times a day.  I have over 6500 SwagBucks right now, I am saving up for my daughter's Graduation in June.
It's a new members-only site where everything is free and you can get some cool stuff without spending any money. You give away the things you no longer need (I list my eBay duds), and get things you want for free.

It's all done using free credits instead of real money. Most people start with 100 credits, but this invitation gives you 150  to get more when you start. I'm already in and you can get started by clicking this special link:

I really love the site and hope you do too! Become a Fan and I will return the favor.

All of these sites link back to my Social Networking Sites:

KV Creative Designs on Facebook

KV Creative Designs on Twitter

Being apart of different Groups on Facebook, such as the eBay Underground Group (EBUG) also allows for more exposure to listings as well as help from fellow sellers. It is Awesome having a Support Group that I can check in anytime and always feel Welcomed.

How are you building your business?  Are you using eCommerce sites? I would love to hear about your adventures too!


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  1. Wow Kathryn, this is great to know. I have been considering ways to try to earn some extra money to help with school expenses. Thank you for sharing. :) ~Janee


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