Friday, October 1, 2010

~* Friends Helping Friends *~

Last month when my Soxy was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes, I needed insulin for him but could not afford it. A woman that I had known from High School stepped up and offered some Insulin to me, after I had posted on Facebook. I offered her compensation, something from my eBay store, or make her jewelry. She didn't want anything in return. Thanks to her, my Soxy is on the mend! Thank YOU Allison!

Now it is my turn to Pay It Forward. I am apart of a Facebook Group called eBay Underground. The group is for eBay Sellers, we share secrets to selling and more! It is a wonderful group!! Recently, we learned of a friend that is in jeopardy of losing her home to Foreclosure. We all wanted to help and brainstormed on how we could help her. She has put up an auction and we are Supporting her 100%! I hope you will take a look, bid if you can. Perhaps let others know by Tweeting, posting on your Social Network pages or your Blog.

If you would like to just bid and not wait for the Auction to end. Here is the lising: Rare Puget Sound Beach Rocks

If you thrive on the competitive nature of true Auctioning then this is the Auction for you: Save the Mortgage Beach Rocks

Even if you can not afford to bid yourself, perhaps you could pass the info along in an way! Thank you!


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