Wednesday, January 5, 2011


WOW! I can't believe it has been 3 years since I started blogging. I am just amazed how time flies by! I have had a lot of ups and downs since then, but I am really looking forward to what 2011 holds!

A few days ago on Facebook I gave a little sneak peek to my friends on what my giveaway would be this year. I always try to giveaway something that I have made that I think others will enjoy. I had seen these all over the Blogisphere last year and FINALLY decided to make one myself! In case you didn't know, these necklaces were INSPIRED by Anthropologie & The Loft Necklaces.

I love the Brown & Metallic Teal colors of the fabric. How it looks totally different depending on how the light is hitting it. For my Blogiversary, I am GIVINGaway this very necklace! Yep, you read correctly, you can own this necklace!

Simply leave a comment on THIS post and Fan KV Creative Designs on Facebook. I hope you will also become a follower of my Blog or even add your Blog to my NEW Blogroll!

I will pick a winner on January 12, 2010 @ 11:59pm PST. Please share with your friends!

If you can't wait to the giveaway to end and you want to make your. You can find the Tutorial over on Little Miss Momma's blog.

Thank you for Celebrating my 3 Year Blogiversary! Good Luck!



  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Please enter me in the giveaway.

  2. Congrats on the three years! Cute necklace...

  3. Well heck, I'll enter for that :) It's a cute necklace!!

    Happy Blogiversary!

  4. Beautiful! I love it! Please enter me in the giveaway. I don't usually wear jewelry, but I'd wear that!

  5. Super congratulations on the blogiversery! I love reading your blog.

  6. Great Blog! Please enter me in the giveaway. Simply love the necklace.

  7. How pretty and what a nice blog giveaway.
    Congrats and many more anniversaries! (I'm over 6 yrs).


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