Friday, January 21, 2011

~* Frugal Friday *~

I hate despise paying full price for ANYTHING! I love, love, love to Decorate with Beautiful items! I am totally in love with Ballard Designs, West Elm, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. Can I afford their prices?? HECK NO! And even if I could, I think it is silly to pay so much for {things}. I was admiring some of the mirrrors on the Restoration Hardware site. Especially this Trumeau Mirror.

I love how it is shaped like a Column. It has such Old World charm. But at $294-$495, oh wait they are on SALE! $235.99 - $395.99 {pfft} still waayyy out of my price range. They describe as "late 19th-century architectural window", but I still think it looks like an old architectural column!

I was browsing a local Thrift Store a few days ago looking for inventory for, when I caught a mirror out of the corner of my eye. I made a made dash for the area.

Priced at $24.99, it was still a little more than I wanted to pay. Good thing I am a regular there and most of the workers know me. I was able to make it out of the store with it for $19.99!!! I saved $376!! I know the RH one is a bit more rustic, but I am loving the style of this one. I have placed was going to place it above my fireplace mantel. Which looked like this at the time.

The Beautiful frame I got off of in the FREE section. I am waiting to find the right sized mirror to put inside of it, but for now, I get lots of comments just the way it is.

However, my Lovely new purchase just didn't look right. I walked around my home trying to find the perfect spot. And I DID! There is a wall as you are coming up the stairs to the main floor, just before the kitchen. I have a table there, another Thrift Store purchase of $25!! So I tried the Mirror there. I am IN L-O-V-E!!! It goes oh so Perrrfect with the table (at the time I bought I thought I was going to paint it black, glad I didn't).

What do you think? Perfect, right?!!?

I would love to start having this being a weekly post, with a Mr. Linky for others to share their Frugal Finds. Interested?



  1. I love decorating at a fraction of a cost yet make it look like you spent a fortune! I love your blog and would be most happy to contribute as well! :-) Happy Friday!

  2. The empty frame... why don't you get a frameless picture frame and 'float' it inside the bigger frame. ??


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