Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Craft A Day....

...Keeps the Doctor Away! Well, I like to this so anyway. Here are my latest creations that I have been working! This Friday, I am giving up my home for some dear friends to host a Bunco Party! I love Bunco it's really fun! The Ladies are Lively, plus we get to eat and drink!! Yay!

Back in April I read a post of House of Hepworths for Rollin' the Dice! I knew these would be perfect. I did mine a little different. I just used square styrofoam cubes. :)I always get wonderful compliments on them.

I wanted to add to the decor for this Friday's game night. I decided to make some pen holders for the tables. I was inspired by Ballard Designs Burlap wrapped vases. I never knew Burlap could be so Beautiful!

$49 to buy (source Ballard Design

I have seen Tutorials all over BlogLand for these babies. I followed suit by using the Dollar Store Vases & Candle Holders. This project is easy-peasy! The burlap I received free from Freecyle. {those of you who know me personally, know of my love affair with Freecycle} They are Rice Bags. I originally thought I would sell them, then I thought I would used them as Grocery Bags. However, I have been seen a ton of projects with them and I want to make a few. Lucky for me, I have plenty of bags for trial and error!

Numbers were also REALLY popular around the Blogisphere. I hand painted the 1, 2, 3 on each Pen Holder cup. My handwriting is not usually that fancy, so I printed off a Font that I liked and copied the style to the burlap. Who knew I had Patience for this?!?

Next I had to decide how high I wanted them to stand or if I did at all. I tested the 3 with two different candle holders for bases. And then I left one without.  I couldn't decide.  I liked them all!! So I just decided to make the set exactly the way I tested it! It will be sorta Perfect for Bunco.  Especially since the #1 table is the highest, just like the number one in the set.  Number 2 is the middle table, so it gets medium sized height.

Then there is the "Losers" table. Bottom of the totem pole. So, number 3 doesn't get a base at all. Aren't we terrible, calling each other Losers?? But some people like being the "Biggest Loser" of the night! Why, you ask? They get to pick a prize for most loses. Of course it's nothing as grand as TV show, but the gift is always something Special!

And there they will seat, all nice a Pretty on the tables on Bunco night. What will I do if 16 RSVP instead of 12??? No worries, I will just whip up a number 4!

Now go get your Craft on, to keep that Dr. away!

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