Friday, March 28, 2008

~ Pay It Forward & Giveaway

About a month ago I was looking at the WANTED listings on PoshPoints and I came across a listing for Soda Tabs. I knew I had 2 huge bags of cans outside ready to take to recycling. When I read the posting, I knew I had to respond. I had my daughter go through the cans and take of the tabs, we have already sent these to Tesse (as a PIF, not for the PoshPoints). I thought this was an incredible thing for a little girl to do, so I emailed Tesse asking her if I could blog about it. She was delighted!

Hello my name is Tesse, I have a little sister named Jordie. She would tell you she is collecting Soda/Beer Tabs for Kids with Cancer. But really the Tabs are donated for more than just children with Cancer. The tabs help provide treatment for kids, they help provide wheel chairs for sick children, and these tabs also help with being able to provide the parents of these children a place to stay. My sister is dedicated to collecting “more” tabs than anyone. She has “employed” me as her helper. I am so proud of my sister for wanting to help these children. So here I am, asking that you please take the 2 seconds to get the Tabs off your drinks and save them to send for her. Please feel free to contact me for more information or for shipping information.

Thank you,
Tesse & Jordie

I hope that alot of you will find it in your heart to PIF and email Tesse for her address and send her some Soda Tabs for Jordie's cause! We are on our second bag of Soda Tabs (I hang them in a baggie on the Refrigerator).

I have decided to add a Giveaway to this PIF (I will post pics soon). Leave a comment on THIS post after you have taken a picture of your tabs in an envie with the address partially shown and blogged about it on your blog. I will pick a winner on May 1st, 2008.


  1. I wanted to pop by and check out your blog and say thanks for stoping by... Your blog is neat. I've marked it as a favorite and I'll be back.
    Jen R

  2. What a wonderful thing, and most Fabulous banner!
    Sandra Evertson


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