Sunday, March 18, 2012

~* Maybe I Should Change MY Last Name to... *~

WILLIAMS-SONOMA!! HA HA No really, read on!
I have had really good luck with selling Williams-Sonoma items on eBay.

Remember the William-Sonoma Culinary Herb bowls I blogged about in this post? Well, they did SELL!!!!

LISTED: Feb. 10,2012
SOLD: Feb. 26, 2012
PAID: $6.50
SOLD: $79.99 + shipping

I still have the canisters to this line listed Here!

Then a few weeks ago I picked up a box of 21 pieces of Spode Westbourne made EXCLUSIVELY {means $$$} for Williams-Sonoma for $25 + tax. I brought them home and then went away for the weekend. After the weekend, I finally was able to research them and there was only ONE completed listing, which had 2 plates for $99. I ran to the garage to get my box and start listing them! I listed them in lots of 2 for $99.99 on Auction. It was almost the end of the auction, there was not ANY watchers :( I took a change emailing the buyer that had bought the one I saw in the completes. I told him that I will be willing to take an offer on the whole lot if he happened to miss the auctions.

On the night that they were ending I went to a Game Night with a friend,  at the end of the night I noticed that one of the lots had SOLD! I was pretty happy about that. I got in my car to drive home, imagine my surprise when I saw that 4 lots total has SOLD!!! All to the guy that I had emailed.  He was VERY grateful that I spammed his inbox sent him that email. I was doing the happy dance for the rest of the night and next day too!!! He left wonderful feedback and sent me a very nice Thank you note.

LISTED: Feb. 21,2012
SOLD: Feb. 28, 2012
PAID: $27.19 including tax for all 21 pieces
SOLD: $99.99 x 4 = $399.96!!! + shipping & insurance

2 weekends ago I went to some Garage Sales. I happen to find a William-Sonoma ceramic Strawberry which is a Jam jar complete with it's spoon. I picked it up for only $1!  I will be listing it in my store soon for $19.99!

How do you think Kathryn Williams-Sonoma sounds? Not too shabby, huh?  Needless to say, I will ALWAYS pick up WS brand items.


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  1. Dear Ms. Williams-Sonoma, I love seeing what you are doing! Good for you. Your finds are so attractive. You really got an eye for this!!


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