Thursday, January 14, 2010

~* The Breakfast Nook *~

I knew that when I moved into this house that I wanted a Black Pub Style table for this "Breakfast Nook" area, which is at the end of my Kitchen right before you enter my Studio. I have 3 of these Bar Stools that my Brother had given me and I LOVE them! I had looked on Craigslist for something like this.

But everything on Craigslist was a bit more then I wanted to spend. Then right after I moved into the house, I got a FreeCycle email stating a Black Pub Style Table would be left near the garbage can of some Apt. complex 4 towns away at 6 AM! I immediately emailed the person and told them I could come RIGHT NOW! Nope, gotta wait for the AM...sorry I was not buying it. So I waited.

Then of course I joined up on this Challenge and can't buy anything. Recently, I received another email regarding a Pub Style Table. The email said it was Brown, Square and a little beat up. I responded that I would like to come take a look at it. When I arrived at the house, it was on the curb, disassembled waiting for me. So I got a Pub Style Table...YEAH! Not at all like the one that I really wanted, but what do ya want for FREE!! That is right the email came in from FreeCyle again and was in MY town! So I am definitely within the Challenge guidelines!

I am thinking I will refinish it this Summer and paint it Black. Then if a Round one ever becomes available...I will FreeCycle this one and take the Round one, but for now I am happy with this table. Thanks FreeCyclers!!



  1. Freecycle is awesome! I have recieved a lot of my paint that I use for "work" from there, and some really unique colors!

  2. I LOVE Freecycle! I am hoping to get some great things via FC and craigslist to re-finish and add to our new home.

    I love the table and chairs. Cute!

  3. I have never heard of Freecycle. I know. I've been under a rock. Sounds great and it looks like it turned out great for you!

  4. Free? That is awesome! I love pub style tables as well, and it looks like it is a perfect fit.


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