Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~* First Day of School *~

Today was the first day of my daughter's Junior High School year. Wow! I can not believe I have a daughter that is a Junior in High School! Where did the time go? Simpler times when I could do her hair and she was not worried about the latest cool label on her jeans! Some time during the wee hours I crept into her room and grabbed her mirror. I wanted to start her first day off with an inspirational message and lovingly wrote the following:

You are a Smart, Beautiful & Strong young woman! I believe in you, it is time for you to start believing in yourself! You can do anything you set your mind to. Start Dreaming BIG!!! Have a Wonderful Year! I Love You! Mom

I cried a bit after I wrote it. Realizing my baby is not a baby anymore, which I do every first day of school, every Birthday and every Christmas!

Every year since she has started school, we have gone to lunch on the first day of school. Today, I was really excited to take her to lunch. She walked in the door with a friend and asked if she could go to lunch with friends. Sigh...Where did the time go?



  1. You are such a cool Mom!


  2. What a sweet thing to do. She will always remember that. I remember those days. Glad mine is grown but I do remember :-)

  3. They do change when they grow up - can be very bittersweet at times!


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