Sunday, June 7, 2009

~* Wreck This Journal *~

I, like many people have a problem destroying a perfectly good, usable book. When I received an email to join the 3rd installment of The Next Chapter and learned we would be doing "Wreck This Journal" by Keri Smith, I had to sign up!!! Visit The Next Chapter blog and sign up to participate too! It is not too late, we will be doing week 2 soon! I am just catching up!

For week one, I "cracked" the spine. It was pretty easy. I also filled out the cover with the address on it in case I lose it, as I have committed to taking it every where as stated in the "Instructions"!

My daughter was looking through the book and said she wanted to do it too. I hoped on eBay and bought her a copy. We should be getting it soon. So when I post my weekly project, I will post hers too.

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  1. Okay, So I am a little confused about the journal wrecking.

    Maybe I am still in a sleep haze, after falling asleep putting the children to bed. Like 3 hours ago?

    So you bought a journal that is teaching you how to "use" a journal. Beat it up and use it. Sounds interesting. I've journaled for years, but since children, I've never written more than a page every six months. And now with blogging. ..... I am curious about journal wrecking.

    Thanks for turning my eyes to this!!


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