Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, 2008 is almost over! Our Tradition every year is to have my cousin here with us, she is 2 years younger than my daughter. They have a tradition of playing video games, having Pizza for dinner, drinking Sparkling Cider just before 12 then ..... banging pots and pans at midnight and then making Pasta at 2 am. Even though we are house sitting this year, it is not any different, we will just be annoying someone elses neighbors! :)

I was browsing the web today when I came across Deaf Mom World blog. She shared a video that is really funny, so as my last gift of 2008, I too am going to share the video with you. Enjoy!! (It is captioned too!!) I hope you all have a Safe and Happy New Year!


  1. Excellent! (funny AND true)

    Happy New Year to you!


  2. Hi Kathryn! Your very welcome, and enjoy the book that you won!!!! It was nice of you to come by my blog, stop by anytime of course!!! I've been poking around on your blog, I LOVE the sconce that you posted a while back. I have a bunch of metal trays, and I might try something like that with them now!

    I also love the "hope" bracelet that you made!

    Best wishes to you and your daughter in 2009!!!


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